Fluid Service Tips from the Professionals Who Know

The pros want you guys to know their secrets about car maintenance, so they’ve opened the vault and released their secrets. The best way to keep your car in shape is by monitoring your fluid levels and changing them on a regular basis. These are the easiest fluids to check in your car.

The best practice in keeping your car in running order is to take it to the dealership for the designated service. Your technicians will have the proper oil and transmission fluid for your vehicle. Check your oil levels by looking at the dipstick and every 100,000 miles you should take your car to get new transmission fluid.

By caring for your car, you are doing yourself the basic favor of maintaining freedom on the road. When you feel like you need some more knowledge, just give our service team a call at Swant Graber in Barron. They would be happy to set up an appointment to take a look at your car and speak with you.
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