Reasons for being Keen with the Dashboard Warning Lights

The car dashboard warning lights are crucial for the car's functionality and your safety. You can easily monitor your car's behavior while driving because the warning lights will inform you when your car has a mechanical problem. You can visit our experienced Swant Graber in Barron to understand some of the important features of the dashboards warning lights.

  • Oil change reminder: This warning light is monitored by the ECM to show that the car's oil has expired.
  • Security alert: This symbol shows that the ignition switch is inaccessible and requires the right key to re-start when it blinks momentarily. However, the symbol indicates a failure in the security system when it flashes a visible light.
  • Brake system: This symbol flashes a light when the braking system has a malfunction; the baking system is on, and the ABS has a malfunction.

The warning lights should be taken seriously while driving because they indicate the condition of the car. Our staff will give you detailed information about the warning lights.

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