Is All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive a Better Fit for You?

Whether you like driving in the Rockies or racing down the highway, Swant Graber has what you need. Here at Swant Graber in Barron we provide our customers with many choices of All-Wheel drive and 4-wheel drive systems. Don't worry. Our friendly staff will help you determine which will suit your family the best.

Here are some fun facts:

Four-Wheel drive is best used by drivers that like to explore rocky terrain. Best for driving off road. There are two types of All-Wheel drive, part-time AWD and full-time AWD that will help alter the features to fit your needs. This option saves money on gas.

All-Wheel drive systems sends power to all four tires at once adding friction between the tires and roads. This option is best for performance driven vehicles.

Still don't know which system is best for you? Come on down to our dealership and test drive both systems today.
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